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Part Two: Initiating The Growth Process

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Part one: The Growth Process, highlighted the route we need to take in order to grow in holistic and original ways. It discussed the value and the importance of living in The Grey Area. The purpose of part two of this article is to initiate The Growth Process, and as we know from part one, the first phase involves creating a deeper understanding; it just so happens that today’s topic of discussion is very large rubber bands.

If you haven't done so, go check out Part One: The Growth Process here:

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with athletes of all ages, and to have found success using elastic resistance (big rubber bands) to load various movements. The next question I must ask myself is why? I wanted to use this article as a means to helping myself (and hopefully yourself) understand this loaded one-word question: WHY? Before we dive in, it is important to note, I used part one of this article to drive home one central point, arguably the most important of this article: Bands are not the magic beans. We have already covered the fact that there is NOT one correct solution to the majority of problems. Bands have simply become one of the potential solutions, one of the tools I’ve been able to place on my tool belt, let’s dig deep and ask why...

To begin, what does it mean to variably load our movement? The majority of weight room based movements are constantly loaded, that is, you put 135 pounds on the bar, and complete the entire movement with that weight on the bar - it does not change. Elastic resistance differs in the sense that the actual load being placed on the body is going to vary as you complete the movement.