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Part One: The Growth Process

To empower growth. That is my WHY. I wake up every morning striving to be a better version of myself, as compared to who I was the day before, and I want to help others do the same. While growth can take many forms, my question is: What are the underlying principles and phases of growth? Part one of this article will attempt to answer this question by discussing what I have come to know as The Growth Process. How can we grow as individuals; what are the basic steps? Why is balance important? Why should you want to jump into The Grey Area? We all want to improve and become better at the passions that consume us, but where do we start? While part one will emphasize the process, part two of this article will attempt to put The Growth Process into motion by discussing one specific topic; one specific area of understanding I have come to know, and continue to push myself to understand deeper.

Training, similar to life, is about balance. Pushing hard, but not too hard. Promoting damage, but only enough to achieve positive adaptations. Eating healthy, but still eating one of those glazed donuts every once in awhile (yep, guilty). Jocko Willink preaches about how leadership is about balance. Balancing all of the dichotomies that come with being a leader: “Confident but not cocky; courageous but not foolheartedly; competitive but a gracious loser; attentive to details but not obsessed by them…” (1). The list goes on. We all lead differently, just as we all think differently, move differently, act differently. We all balance the dichotomies of life differently. We all sit at different points on the endless spectrums.

Push-ups... Yes or no? The answer is it depends; on the athlete, their training background, their goals, etc. Live in The Grey Area

I’ve seen coaches fight over the use of a speed ladder. I use a ton of variably loaded movements; the coach next to me does not. One coach doesn’t believe in the weight room; one doesn’t leave the weight room. But, what is right? That is by far the question I have struggled with most since entering the strength and conditioning world and I think it can be applied to many different subject matters. I come from an accounting background (long story), and while I didn’t love the overall subject of accounting