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What Does

Jochum Strength

Mean To You?

Program Benefits


mental focus

Stronger Body

and Mind

Better sports


The Details.

At Jochum Strength we specialize in creating the best possible human we can. We are one of the only elite training services to offer an online programming service. This online programming allows you to have all the access to the Jochum Strength Programming and Coaching you would receive in person, all at the convenience of your own gym. These online programs are made to get you to your goal, whether that be fat-loss, muscle gain, becoming more athletic, staying healthy or feeling better. We are one of the few science backed training programs that will use the cutting edge of strength and conditioning techniques to get you to where you need to go.  A program includes the following:


Online Program: All of your liftings, mobility and athletic movements programmed for you and your needs and accessible at the touch of your fingers. Every exercise is linked to a video to demonstrate how to perform the exercise. 


Diet Guidelines: These are the Jochum Strength Diet Guidelines that we use with all of our clients. The goal is to teach our clients how to fish, not fish for them. These guidelines are there to give you set rules that you can apply to your life style! 


 Weekly Check In's: Every single week you will have a online review session with a Jochum Strength coach to go over the previous weeks lifts, diet and life. We tailor these to what you need. Struggling with diet? We will focus on that. Need a form check? We will review videos. Just need some motivation to attack the next week? We got you for that as well!

Better mental &

physical health




It really works.

"Jochum Strength is more than just a fitness program, Jochum Strength is about developing a complete human. It's more than just a strength program, it's a family. Once you enter the program the goal is come out a different and better person. As much as you're willing to give him he is willing to put back into you"

- Steven Bruggenthies 2019 Transformation Contest Champion

Results: -20 lbs, Dropped Body Fat, Gained Muscle, Added 60lbs to his Squat

"Jochum Strength gave me a layout to be successful on my weight loss journey. By giving me a personalized weight lifting program I was able to be worry free from making my own workouts while also being given exceptional ones. One thing Austin does that I feel is much different that other coaches is he truly cares about you as a person and wants to know how you are doing mentally and physically; he realizes life happens and is always prepared to offer advice and also adjust workouts based on  any adjustments that need to be made. Jochum Strength, through great programming and an emphasis on the mental side of working out, gave me the tools needed to lose 60 pounds."

-Ben Bartusek

             Results: - 60 Lbs, Felt more energized and less bloated, moved better and felt stronger. 


"Jochum Strength gave me an opportunity to change my life through building a strong personal foundation I didn't have before. It pushed me to become the best version of myself. It gave me a platform and community to grow myself to be the best me I can possibly be."

- Luke Muelpas 2018 Transformation Champion

Results: Lost 20lbs, Was able to dunk a basketball again, gained 20 lbs on bench and 40lbs on squat

"Jochum Strength provided me a system that I was easily able to follow to reach my fitness goals. After football I really wanted to lose weight, but couldn't find any motivation to do so and really didn't know what the next step was. I signed up for a program and I started looking forward to working out. They are challenging, new and push you and Austin really holds you accountable to make sure you stay on the path" 

- Jack Klein

Results: Lost 50 lbs, feels and moves better and gained strength.


"Saying this program just works is an understatement. I was told after I herniated a disc in my L4 that my athletic and lifting career were over and I'd never be able to move like I used to. I signed up for a program in desperation for an answer and it changed how I thought about training. His philosophy focuses on longevity of the person. Austin pushes you to become better than you were yesterday and you can tell every single exercise on your program has a reason for being their. Other than hating him for them renegade rows, I really respect what he has done for me and where this program has allowed me to take myself."

Noah Ellingsworth

Results: Lost bodyfat, Gained muscle, Able to lift after back surgery.

"To me, Jochum Strength is a Lifestyle with a mantra of constant and never ending improvement. This goes beyond just physical improvement, but rather mental and really just all areas of your life. 


Prior to Jochum strength, I was a typical ex-athlete in the way I trained and lived my life. I never lifted legs, didn't really follow a program and rarely took a rest day. I was in the gym for 1.5-2 hours sometimes hammering cardio and lifting everything - as a result I believe I was over training. Once I started Jochum Strengths program, I felt like I was doing less but getting more in a physical sense and as things progressed that remained constant. My physical goal was to be as lean as possible but also just be healthy - coming from a guy that has had 5 Reconstructive surgeries I can honestly say this is the best I have felt in a really long time. 


The physical improvement has been awesome because it is a more black and white type result. However, I think the big strides came in the mental aspect. I always had a motivated mentality of being the best and writing down my goals etc. but these goals were always long term which made it easy to get distracted in day to day behaviors. The structure of Jochum strength of having daily goals gave me specific measures that I had to work for EVERYDAY - this built a foundation for mental discipline. I have used this sheet now in my work and personal life - it allows for my mind to remain focused and not lose sight on what needs to be done. Beyond the structure of the program, having Austin as well as others in the culture as accountability made the process more fun. Surrounding yourself with people that are better than you will always make you better and is one of the primary reasons I wanted to jump into this program. There is no real secret to success - need to put in the work everyday and live the Jochum Strentgh lifestyle of constant improvement. No matter where you are in life - you can always be better, that's the beauty of it. 


Overall, I have learned a lot about myself in this and will always be focused on the idea of everyday you either get better or worse - set goals. Crush them. Repeat. Always be learning and always be working."

- Joey Puk

Results Lost 20lbs, felt and moved better. 

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