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What Now: Chapter 1 There Is No "Top"

"There Is No Top"

Captain of the football team, All-Conference, Lineman of the year, All-American, dating the head cheerleader, I was going to graduate with honors, I had job offers, I had “made it”! And yet I had never felt emptier in my entire life. I didn’t feel sad. I didn’t feel angry. I didn’t feel pain. I felt NOTHING. I felt lost. Having all these peaks didn’t fix any of this. Nothing went away…except my distraction…except my excuse for being the person I was. Why was I here? Why did I work so hard for these things? What was my purpose? What


I write this because I see that emptiness in other people. I see the inner demons that torment people. In their eyes, in their souls. I also see the same people making the same mistakes I did. I see them distracting, I see them excusing. I see them on the wrong path. I’m not saying I have all or any of the answers. But I do know what doesn’t work and I have a voice to hopefully help someone.