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Does this even make sense?

Reaching the highest level 0f vibration in oneself is made possible by the energy that surrounds. It's not something you necessarily see, but an empathetic response in any given moment. People you choose to be around are meant to elevate your internal frequency, keep it in check, and be a voice of reason. Making someone feel welcome is far more than just being around them. In fact, being physically present is not important in order to attain this sensibility.

It's true, this morning I experienced one of those precious moments. A Couchsurfing host started my day with kind notes and gifts to consume. Without ever meeting face to face, I felt love that members of this home undeniably embody. It's clear to them, and now me, that allowing people to explore letting their guard down is at the core of creating a meaningful relationship.

Growing up is a process. It's becoming aware of the role we play in other people’s lives and theirs in ours. It can be a beautiful thing. In it, there's infinite wonder. We begin to understand that what we do is extremely impactful on those around us. This awareness creates curiosity, and a new level of appreciation for the uniqueness of people grows. With a new set of eyes, we can begin to understand the why behind the people we spend the most time around.