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The Ten Rules to Gain Control of Your Life In the Corporate World.

Is This You? Lets Change That!

Stuck in a cubicle, for 70 hours a week, working on something you’re not passionate about. All the sitting has made your hips, ankles, neck and back tight and your body doesn’t feel like it used it. All of the mental stress has started to add up and it’s affecting your sleep, social life and drive. When you get done with work all it feels like you have enough energy for is to crawl up to your room and sleep. The cycle repeats, you start to gain weight, start to feel worse, start to have less drive and passion. Sound familiar? Sound like something you’re deathly afraid of happening to you? Well these commandments are for you. Take control of your life before it takes control of you! These ideas are ones that I have talked to my friends and family about, that work these jobs, that they feel have made a great impact on how they feel, live and enjoy their lives both at and after work. Lets dive in.