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The Power Within

You are powerful beyond measure. It’s the message that unfortunately isn’t being expressed to us nearly enough right now and it’s one that I would like to emphasize. You are powerful beyond measure and you’re living proof of that. The human body is a miracle, perfectly evolved and designed to allow us to interact and experience the miracle of life around us. That’s the message that I hope to highlight in a number of upcoming articles. I want to highlight the wonder of the human being, and what better place to start than the human nervous system.

The nervous system is what you are, and who you are. It is the orchestrator of every thought, movement, action, and response you have. It receives information from sensory organs, transmits that information through the spinal cord and processes it in the brain. It controls and regulates our internal environment. It’s what makes our heart beat, our lungs breath, our blood vessels dilate and our muscles contract. It’s where we experience love, joy, faith, excitement, fear, anger, and sadness. It’s where we understand our sense of self and our hierarchy of consciousness. It’s what allows us to communicate with one another, coordinate movements, learn and process information, and ultimately experience and interact with every part of our environment. It is constantly growing, adapting, and forming new connections. All of this is made possible through the combined activity of the hundreds of billions of neurons communicating with one another through electrical and chemical signals at lightning-fast speeds to create this conscious experience f