The MeatHead Millionaire Chronicles- How To Go from a Broke College Kid to a Millionaire: Blog 1

This Blog series is going to be used to track all of my business stories, mistakes and lessons. The goal is to educate and hopefully inspire some while also giving myself an outlet to look back on what I've done both good and bad in the business world

Blog 1: The First Steps

I want to clear up a couple things right away:

1) We are not a million-dollar company yet (it’s on my 5-year goal list to accomplish)

2) This is not meant to be a brag post of doing well, its to point out all my past failures to

show you that if I can do it, literally any one can do it!

A little background on myself to show why I think this is true. In college I was a broke and for lack of a better word a “bum” I didn’t value money, business or financial stability. I spent all my time trying to succeed at the highest of levels at two sports. (Spending most of my time training, practicing and looking for the winning edge in the sport) I worked for free in return for training (not to mention the knowledge I gained from the place) What I had left for time I worked a on campus job where my pay check every month at most was $650 dollars and my rent was $550 which left me with about $100 dollars every month for gas and food, which didn’t give me a lot of wiggle room. (Not to mention the student debt that was racking up) I was the guy that had to bum off my roommates, girlfriends and younger freshmen offering meal swipes lol. If you read 7 habits for highly effective people, you’ll realize that this became a source of major withdrawals from the emotional bank account with people. To make it clear, I did not graduate with any money and if it weren’t for the help from people I wouldn’t have been able to afford to live, eat and be a college student (and for them I’ll always be grateful) To add onto this I have never taken a business class and had no experience on where to start.

I mention this all not to say this is the right way at all (all though I do think if you have a goal you should go all in, make the required sacrifices and figure out the rest as you go) I mention this to show you that If I can do it, if I can make it out, start my own business and have the ability to start to be financially free, I really believe anyone can. So, lets dive int