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The Bullshit Behind "I Don't Do it For Money"

“I Don’t do it for Money” is probably the most common thing uttered by a strength coach when talking about business or career paths and I was probably as guilty as any in this regard. It’s a valiant statement, it sounds good, it makes you look like a good person, but does it hold up? Does it allow you to allow you to become the best version of yourself as a coach?

I would say no and this is why I’m calling Bullshit on the statement.

Why: “I Don’t do it for Money”

My ultimate goal for this business is “To positively affect as many people’s lives as I can and leave a purposeful lasting legacy”

Starting with “The End in mind” I know that I’m going to need steps to get me to this ultimate goal. Here are three I laid out:

“How do I affect as many lives as possible and leave a lasting legacy?”

1. I must be really good at what I do

2. I must be really good at communicating that I’m good at what I do

3. I must be financially stable enough to be able to put my time into #1 and #2

With these three things stated as my path to my ultimate goal I really want to dive into #3 because this is what a lot of people hate on coaches for and what a lot of coaches put themselves in a hole for.

If I don’t have #3 and I’m always worried about paying bills then I cant spend as much time focusing on goals #2 and #1. If I cant spend my time working on those things than I cant accomplish my ultimate goal! So either I need to change my goals or change my actions. Personally I chose to change my actions. This is where a lot of people get confused or mixed up. My actions still lead to me helping people, still gives them momentum and helps them change their lives for the better but am I really able to do this to the best of my abilities with no financial stability? If after working with my athletes or clients I have to go and work another job or stress about paying the bills? Probably not! Its bad in a two fold way. 1. It takes away from time that could be spent becoming a better coach and 2. It drains your battery as a coach. Both of these things are what are going to make you stay the same or get worse as a coach which will lead to less clients which will lead to this cycle repeating.

Change Your Actions or Your Goals

That’s why “I don’t do it for money” is a bullshit statement. You don’t only do it for money, but you definitely do it for money.

Its why good coaches (or communicators) get paid a lot and why bad coaches (or bad communicators) don’t. Without this what would be the point of pushing and pursuing to becoming a better coach (or communicator)?

That’s why I’m switching over from this mindset of “I don’t do it for the money.” I want to become the best coach I can become and I want to be really good at communicating that to people. With the mindset of “I don’t do it for money” I don’t believe I can do that. I also have found it makes you look insecure as a coach because it makes it look like you don’t value yourself or your time and if you don’t value you these things why would your employers or clients?

How to “Do it for Money” the Correct way - Provide Value

This is where the Gary V’s mindset of providing as much value as possible comes into play. How can I provide value to people to show them what Jochum Strength is. I heard it termed by my good friend Declan Brown (Check out his podcast “The Backpocket) “All Roads Lead to Jochum Strength”. How can I get as many people to sign up? Which will allow me to be financially stable, which will allow me to become a better coach, which will allow me to touch more peoples lives in a positive manner. How can I create more (or better) “Roads” to lead to the center of “Jochum Strength”. This is where these blogs, podcast, Instagram’s, camps, Q/As and seminars all come into play. Providing value through these things is what has and is going to continue to get people to the ultimate end: SIGNING UP FOR A PROGRAM.

Of course I’m trying to sell you something, it’s a business, but I don’t want to sell you something until you feel I have provided you a ridiculous amount of value. (And I most likely wouldn’t have sold you that thing if I didn’t do that in the first place) I want organic growth with a community I have built through this value. It doesn’t have to be a give-take relationship, those don’t last, that’s how businesses fail. I need to give to the customer on the front end before they give to me on the back end and then when they do that I need to give again! That’s how you build a dynasty, that’s how you last. Provide value and build a community of like minded people that are trying to better themselves. This in term will lead to you becoming financially stable, which will allow you to become a better coach which will allow you reach more people and the cycle continues!

So Coaches “DO IT FOR THE MONEY” own that fact, value yourself and your time and be able to give your clients the best version of yourself. They’ll thank you for it, your business will thank you for it and you'll thank yourself for it.

Hopefully this helped someone out there! If you have any questions you can reach me at . I plan on doing a blog once a week, so if you have any topics you want covered let me know! Keep chopping wood!

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