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This Quarantine Could Be The Best thing To Happen To Our Athletes

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

"The Obstacle Is the Way"

A mindset introduced to me by Ryan Holiday as we sat in our football locker room reading the book as a team during a grueling two a day. This mindset is something that opened my eyes to an entirely different realm of how to look at the world. How could you make positives out of negatives? How could you grow while your competition stuttered? How could you create a winning edge out of anything?

It was a mindset that helped me go from a 7th string injured and nonathletic football player to an All-American. One that has helped me deal with the pressures of being a very young collegiate strength coach. One that has allowed me to push through starting a business and the struggles that involves. One that I hope helps us through this tough period of time we are currently in.