How To Change your Life in 3 months

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Luke's 3 Month Transformation!


By now you’ve probably seen all the shirtless transformation contest photos of all the people we have worked with and if you haven’t, look no further than two inches above your eyes. If you’re like me you probably are saying “wow, how did he do that” and it may seem scary and undoable until you really start to break it all down into simple, doable, actionable steps. Trust me, I’ve been there, I’ve fallen off the path and was scared and unconfident to get back on the path, but once I did everything just started to happen in life. Hopefully this article can help break down the steps and what you can do today to make a big time change in your life!

My Own Transformation! Not Proud of where I let myself get to, but unbelieveably happy with what the journey taught me.

Mental Side of Things:

I really believe almost every article, speech, podcast and video I do will always come back to a mental side of things. I’m a huge believer that the body is the soldier of the mind and without our general being in the right state, our solider is going to go off the path very quickly. The mental shift is by far the hardest, but also by far the most rewarding. In life you battle every stressor possible, your job, your family, financial struggles. You also have self-doubts that creep in, the “I’m not good enough” and “I deserved that (insert bad thing here)” thoughts. Finally, you also deal with justifications in your head “Of course I’m out of shape look at my genetics” and “No wonder I suck, look at my situation I was put into”. I’m not blaming you for these things and I’m not trying to put you down. These are common thoughts, it’s the way our brain naturally works to make things easier on us. But is our highest level of achievement the easy way? Is the best version of ourselves bowing down to these thought processes? I think not. So that’s where changing your mindset comes in. A couple things I want to touch on here are two things you can take into action today. 1) Jocko Willink’s thought process of “Extreme Ownership” and 2) Jordan Peterson’s thoughts on “Treat yourself as if you were someone you were taking care of”