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Adversity Introduces a Man to Himself

When you find yourself in the hole, there’s only one option, and that’s to dig yourself out. Every one of us I'm sure has found ourselves in the hole at some point in our life. Whatever it may be, illness or injury, anxiety or depression, out of a job, cut from a team, family problems, a break-up or death of a loved one. Life comes at us when we least expect it and all we can do is take things head on, learn, grow, and move forward. Life came at me while I was in college. Injuries, surgeries, chronic pain, a break-up, deaths, anxiety, depression...all on top of the stresses of being a student-athlete, working and trying to figure out my path in life. During my sophomore football season I blew out my knee, and I remember right before my surgery I posted a quote that said, “Adversity introduces a man to himself.” I posted this with absolutely no clue how much adversity it would create and that that adversity would truly shape my life. Life came at me and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I learned infinitely more from the adversity in college than I did from the successes. And I think that’s the optimism you have to have when you find yourself in the hole. When life hits, and when that adversity comes, welcome it, because it will be your greatest teacher. It will be a gut check and you’ll find out what you’re made of.