A Year In Review: Building The Foundation

“Woe is the man who is alone for when he falls no one is there to pick him up”

I entered 2019 broken. I had no foundation. I had no direction. I was making the world worse off.

I knew I had to change and I set out to do just that. The day before the new year I created a mission statement. I started my path. I started to take control of my life for the first time in my entire life.

I’m honestly happy to say I feel I did just that. I have my foundation set and I work on it every day.

I leave 2019 a changed person. A leader. Someone I’m proud to be. I have direction and I know my purpose. I try every single day to make the world better.

And very little of it had to do with what I did and way more to do with what was put into me.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart thank you! To anyone that has put an ounce of energy, love, blood, sweat or tears into me this past year. It’s hard to portray through typing on this computer, but I honestly don’t believe I’d be here without that love. I don’t think I’d be where I’m at, I’d be a shell.

It’s not about me. It Never was.

2019 Review:

Blessed To Have This Man Apart Of My Life

January: I set my mission statement. I set my direction. I put what I wanted out into the universe and the start to the foundation was built. I took control of the first thing I knew how and that was my own physical transformation. I read “look at yourself in the mirror and see who stares back” and I did just that and hated who stared back so I went about changing that. This was just one small step in changing who I was but it allowed me to have part of my foundation set that would allow me to help build the other aspects of my life. Then I was offered my dream job, being the Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of St. Thomas, which was pretty incredible to me at the time, because it was one of my 5-year goals I had set a month prior. The Universe has a weird way of working. January was a strong start to the new me.