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A Complete Athlete= A Complete Human

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

It’s 4th and 4 on the goaline, your team is down by 4 with :02 seconds left to go in the national championship game. “Alright here we go guys, Right Axle 125 Pick on 1” The star quarterback says in the huddle, glancing at all the men, trying to confirm in them the belief that they were going to score on this play, like they have all year long. The ball is snapped, the Quarterback drops back and sees a wide-open Wide Receiver. He riffles the ball to him, the lights flash, the Quarterback knows he just made a perfect pass, to his stud wide receiver who hasn’t dropped a ball all year. He can already see himself holding the trophy and his parents and family telling them how proud of him they are. Except that’s not how any of it went. As the perfectly spiraled ball sailed through the air to the wide-open receiver, the receiver put up his hands