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You see what I did there… Get “Joched” like Yoked… yeah I’m hilarious.


The goal of this program is one thing….

to get stupid big, strong and cut up!


This is for the meatsticks that somehow stumbled onto our page, almost threw up at the thought of having to do any movement outside of lifting a barbell and want to get as strong as humanly possibly without breaking everything in their body by running a German Volume Program!


Well Meatsticks, I’m here for you, Don’t tell my athletes I let you get away with this 😉

who is this for?

Powerlifters, Body Builders, People who want to get as strong as humanly possible!

Prgram overview

10 Minutes Power Work: Overcoming Isometrics, Weighted Jumps, Sprints

30 Minutes Strength Work: Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press and Variations

20 Minutes Hypertrophy Work: Get Huge!

10 Minutes Mobility Work – Don’t Cry We are just trying to not break :)


4 Main Days with 3 Optional Recovery Days

goals include

Get Huge, Get Strong, don’t have to cry at the sight of cardio in your program.

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