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"You're Too Old"

The amount of times I've heard people say that to my Grandpa Ken before he does some incredible physical feat will never cease to amaze me!

The body only ages and degenerates if you let it and he is living proof of this to me!

The goal of this program is to not let it - to keep our youth and show what our bodies are capable of doing, regardless of age!

This program is an adaptation of our Building Better Movers Program specifically for the Movers that have a little more wear and tear on their tires!

Maybe you have some creaks and aches but still want to express the badass mover that is within. Our goal with this program is to do just that!

With the hormonal changes that come with aging as well as the issues of many years of training/living we make some slight adjustments to our programs for you!

We will cut out the barbells and heavy impact forces but still push you to your limits, with DB’s, machines and your body!

This is not a "You're Old, You're Soft" Program!

This is a Grandpa Ken, do amazing things with your body program!

I have had many young bucks not survive the wrath of some of the challenging exercises!

who is this for?

40+ Athletes and Movers

Prgram overview

10 Minutes Athletic Based Warm-Ups (Crawling, Rolling, Gymnastics, Parkour, etc.)

10 Minutes Power Work: Sprinting, Jumping

20 Minutes Strength Work: Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press, Bulgarians and all Variations

10 Minutes Hypertrophy Work: Get Huge! Arms 4 Moms, The Show Muscles.

10 Minutes Mobility:, Spine, Shoulders and Elbows!

4 Main Days with 3 Optional Recovery Days

goals include

Looking Better, Feeling Better, Moving Better and Performing Better

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