How To Build A FAMILY:1st Off Season Program Review

It All Starts With Culture and The Buy In you Create

1. Become Better People

2. Become a Closer FAMILY

3. Win a National Championship

When I accepted the Strength and Conditioning position at my alma matar these were my three goals for the team. Not “Squat a ton more weight” or “Jump Super High” because these are results, which come if your process is on the right track. I’m writing this article to dive into the process and the results it led to. 1) Because I really can’t stand the “big things coming” or “this person had a heck of an off-season” post by strength coaches without anything to back it up if you’re not testing/retesting and doing this during every workout you have no idea what’s working and what isn’t. 2) To really look at my program, what do I think I can improve upon, what do I think went well. If you don’t review and really dive into something, I don’t think you can become a master of your craft. In ten years, I want to look back at everything I’m doing now and call myself a dumbass. Not because I was so wrong, but because of the amount of growth I’ve had. As soon as a coach tell you he knows all, you know he knows very little. So, lets dive in.


How to Build Buy In:

To me this is the most important part of any program, business, family or team. If your members don’t believe in you and don’t believe in the mission it doesn’t matter what you write down on a sheet of paper, its all garbage.